Note: This story will probaly have a lot of cliches, And also like all pastas this is just a STORY not a real life expirience, Last but not least i do not own the account 5372, its just a username i searched up. Enjoy the pasta, get some popcorn or something. Ive had some expiriences but not as creepy as this one One day i was playing games with my friend (not telling his name for safety purposes) Someone named 5372 joined He had one of those cube-like faces and had the Roblox R. Ever since "he" joined..weird things have been happening.. The skybox durned a dark red devilish color Everyone disconnected,including my friend,It was just me,Alone with 5372,At first i didnt know what was going on but then he got some scripts and decals and started putting pentagrams everywhere,Fire started up and it was burning buildings in the game. His eyes were starting to get blood in them,Not just the plain old roblox blood,Real Looking Animated Blood. I left the game, But it seems that whenever i would join a new game it would be a distorted version of the game with 5372 in it, I got off the game completely and deleted roblox, But when i deleted it there was a notepad writing. It said "I'll come back and you wont even notice your death."