"Another normal day on ROBLOX..." I said. I was going to play my favorite game on ROBLOX, Apocalypse Rising. As i was going to play, i noticed the whole description was gone. It was just changed to "6/6/16" I ignored it and hit play. Once i was in the game, i was already creeped. My character.. it was bloody.. all bloody. I clicked spawn, but then something else was wrong. Instead of saying "Loading chunks..." it said "YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE".

When i finally spawned in, i put on a gun skin. Instead the gun turned red and every house was covered in blood. The whole chat started spamming "6/6/16 6/6/16 6/6/16". When the spamming ended, I heard a SCREAM and was kicked out the game. I thought "That was a crap attempt at scaring me." So i went on Work at a Pizza Place and worked as a chef. The pizza was bloody...the cars were dead animals.. the houses were bombed. Then it happened again. "6/6/16" the chat spammed. It all ended by saying "THE END IS NEAR.... THE END IS NEAR FOR YOU!" My PC went off, and i heard gun shots of what i believe was a Tec-9... There was banging on my door. I didnt know what to do, and then it happened





*Tec-9 gunshots fired*

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