WHAT IS THIS read desc03:43

WHAT IS THIS read desc

The "unknown file" (I managed to upload it)

((An Unknown File))by: DATBURGERDONUT

[I'll upload the video as soon as I figure out how to]

This was unexpected. I was working on a video, and I needed this one guest image I uploaded for video use. When I typed in "Gues", I saw the usually, Guest.png, revenge of the Guests, etc. I saw something new, that I've never seen or made.

I saw "Guest1.avi". At first I thought this was just another video I was working on. When I played it, I did not recognize it.

It was a video, with black frames. It shows what appears to be a Guest hanging from a tree. It starts to play a sad music after a few seconds. Then you can tell it's stop motion, because after a few seconds, you see a pile of blood. It appears to grow more blood as the video progresses.

The music stops. It shows the guest hanged a little longer, until its becomes pitch black. That's it. Actually I'm not for sure, but it most likely is just pitch black for the rest of the video.

My personal theory

I noticed the name of the video is Guest1.avi, which is probably Guest1avi. If you don't know who that is, I made 2 creepypastas on him on the old website, you can look it up. The video appears to show that Guest1avi is dead, due to hanging.

Hypothesis: Guest1avi committed suicide. Guest1avi is dead.

Or his he?

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