Here is Part 1!

Day 1

Hey guys! I'm Enderman678, and I'm investigating the disappearance of that guy, Boss628746872. He just changed his profile description to say this: "I have left roblox. Do not attempt to track me down. I will never return.". Well, I'm tracking him down, and I'm starting at his old HQ! Wish me luck!

Day 2

I went to his abandoned HQ, and boy, it was a mess! Lots of fire, lots of chaos. Since Boss's boss gave me admin, I got onto his camera script. He must have recorded himself, the ROBLOX version, not his real self, doing a case file! I watched hours of footage, and nothing. Then something interesting occurred. The security room caught on fire with his boss in it! Apparently the boss got a random temp ban, huh.

Day 3

I came onto ROBLOX to be greeted with a weird sight. I swear that I saw Boss628 looking at me for a few moments, then he was gone. Must have been a hallucination, or a bug. Anyways, went onto the HQ. I found a few of his security men there. I started talking to them.

"Hey! What's up?"

*Security guy looks at partner*

"You know this guy?

"Nah, must be a random visitor."

"No! Not at all! I'm investigating Boss628's disappearance."

*Security guys look at each other*

"Listen, authorized personnel only."

*Security guy 2 looks at partner*

"Wait, maybe he can help us."

"You crazy? He's just some random guy-"

"Yes! I can help! I've been given admin, and I looked at the camera script. Boss made a case file, and he has footage of random occurrences!"

*Security guys look at footage*

"Thanks kid, we'll look at this"

*I leave*

To be continued!