Once every year, 200 users are chosen. ROBLOX will message them, saying "You have won an award! Just finish this game: [LINK REMOVED FOR SAFETY]". If you go to the link, the game has no page. The link just opens ROBLOX player. Inside the game, you spawn in a castle. A girl Robloxian walks in and asks "Do you want to build a snow Robloxian?!?!". After that ,your player freezes and turns into realistic snow. Your Robloxian collapses into a pile of snow. The screen fades black, with red text saying, "Five years later". It then plays a cut scene of it raining. But only a little, about the size of your players puddle. The girl Robloxian and a smaller girl Robloxian walk onto screen and the small one looks up and opens her mouth. The water falls in. Then the bigger girl faces the screen and says "Do you want to build a snow player?". Then your real life body turns to snow. Years later it melts and turns into rain. It then falls in a little girls mouth.

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