I was playing roblox with 3rdmynamesgood One day, And we came across a game called "DSLOVER6 YOU ARE NOT DSLOVER2'S ALT" So like usual, We played it. It was full of npc characters saying DSLOVER6 GIVE UP. We left after that so then we played "After the flash: Rain [5]" We roleplayed for hours, Then everyone left exept 3rd, I typed "I-Is that?" 3rd said "Stop roleplaying there's a hacker" We acted like we were afk by saying "AFK!" and not touching anything, Soon, somebody joined us, the name was "dslover2" It was odd, My original account was dslover2! It was creepy, then, I saw the text spammed with "Hello I'm new to roblox can you tell me how to play?" At this point I said "UN AFK!" 3rd said "dslover wait!" Then dslover2 loopkilled me with ""loopkill dslover6" And it did that for an hour, Until the final one, where my character went limp, and bled red water, then a creepy scene appeared, It was a clown that looked like it was holding a body, It was....ME!? (as a robloxian) (Unfinished cuz this makes a 12 part story soon.)