Most of you may possibly know about Gavin. If not, Gavin is a person who was treated badly. He has a girlfriend called DuffyXx. Gavin was denied twice, so he committed suicide in the woods.


Go to The Normal Elevator, by NowDoTheHarlemShake. Go to the keypad. Type in there "3792". Then there will be a passage way. Follow it, and it will be the same thing, except everyone in there says "Gavin is near." Go at the elevator, then you will be teleported to a game called "Gavin's Story", made by NowDoTheHarlemShake. Now you will be briefed with a segment of Gavin's story and be taken to multiple events in Gavin's life, in whicH he mentions the numbers 37 and 9. You are presented wit 9 doors now. Go through the 2nd door on the left, thus 3792. You will now be given another cinematic, which ends with, 'to be continued'.

WIP (Work In Progress)

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