You guys all know of guests... if you don't know, a guest is a player that does not have an actual user account. They can play the game normally, but they can't chat nor see chat messages. With the "Guest Update" there have been strange occurrences with these "friendly" guests. Players have been reporting times where guests would fill the server and kick any normal player. Those who are kicked would be taken to a place full of the players who had been teleported from the servers. Once the max players has been reached, all their characters would be changed to the appearance of a regular guest. There is a large debate over this, and myths on what the place is like. A myth says the place is nothing but a free-modeled space with an audio playing in the background. Another myth says the place is falling bricks in the shape of raindrops. Myths about the guests say that they pick your fate based on your moderation history. If you've been banned before for more than 7 days, the guests terminate your accounts. If you've got nothing but warnings and reminders, your character changes to the guest look, and all your items are removed. If you have gotten no moderation against you, your account won't be affected in any way.

Another myth about the guests say that if you hate guests, you will get mysterious phone calls from 18004837845, which is 1800GUEST4L. The phone calls are said to consist of nothing but sounds of ROBLOX gameplay. After at least 5 seconds, you'll either just hear the busy tone, or you'll hear the Mesh Audio.