Guest 666 has appeared everywhere. From Sci-Fi games to Fantasy. But this time, he appeared on that SWAT vs Thugs game or similar. And he did something nobody has see him done before

Note: This is fictional!

The Story

Date of incident: 6/6/2016

I thought it was funny at school how every number had 6 in it. I thought of three 6's making Guest 666. I told my friends and they laughed. We decided to play Roblox after school so we did. At first, everything went well. We went on the SWAT side, and we killed anyone beyond the spawn point. But some guest managed to kill all three of us! We thought we looked stupid, but we saw which guest it was. And we were getting worried when we saw it. Guest 666 himself was destroying the SWAT. He acted like any guest. We got annoyed with this guest as we knew you could be him yourself. But something else happend.

His name went red and all of a sudden, the game closed back to the home page. Nothing much occurred after a few mins. Only random messages from our friends saying "Dude, guest 666 was online and he was on Cops and Robbers, any player on that server was disconnected from everyone else." We searched up our friends. Nothing. Nobody was even searchable. Ourselves, alone. But I found one player on any game I played. Guest 666, he always said "Just play with me and it will go normal." But one day he said "666" And my computer just shut off. It never came back on...

I got another computer and created a new account as I could not log on my account. I searched it up, but nothing came up and then it suddenly faded in. It said below "Corrupted user" And then I was put into that game everyone talked about called Don't Join! But nothing happend but Guest 666 joining. He said "Its you, isn't it?" I just typed no when I said yes instead. He made a smiley face on chat and my new computer shut of temporarily. I disabled ROBLOX after my stuff just disappeared from my homepage. And it all went back to normal. Nothing happend after that.

I got in contact with my friends saying that anyone who was haunted by Guest 666 would get away if they blocked ROBLOX with administrator for their computer. I never played ROBLOX again.