FACT: This was part of my dream.

Hampton was inside my dream when i was bored on roblox, anyways I thought it was real. I found a fun RPG on Frontpage and Clicked it, it loaded. And the place was quiet, dead quiet nothing but me and buildings. I decided to play around because i was bored and when I jumped i got possessed. By a Disney Infinity style character reffering to herself as "Hampton". I was Scared to death, my character looked like a kogama character with the legs rectangular and stuck together, with two bodies. I wondered "What the heck is she doing?". I was back to normal and about 50 players joined and we chatted together.

2015 November Part 2

Remember Hampton? I was in my dream again and i was playing another RPG game, (Attack On Titan) And I was possesed again. Everyone was talking fast like "OMG WHATS GOING ON????" and "O NO WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM!" A Voice said "Remember Hampton?" And I said "Yes" . She wasn't talking to everyone in the chat, not even ME. After I was possesed I saw another person possesed and the server shutdown. That was my Dream. And today I searched up Hampton and just saw some noob. After that I gave up.