[credits go to XxPhantomSoulsxX for finding out about 7XU60ME]

This is a little insider about 7XU60ME. If you don't know who that is, I suggest you read XxPhantomSoulsxX's creepypasta.

I read the creepypasta and i got curious. So I looked at this 7XU60ME's account, and I saw something strange.

I noticed that his blurb said "666666666666666666666666666, Body now is open to public..He will be returning soon..." as of february 2016. If you actually read the creepypasta, you would know that 7XU60ME was bullied, and then hacked some people.

7XU60ME's account:!/about

Near the ending of the story, the author states "My game was in a dark room and I see the button, "Ban Danger!"".

Apparently, when the author clicked the button, that made 7XU60ME disappear. But then again he might return. Maybe with a different account.

We just never know when he'll come back.

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