Hi, I was playing ROBLOX on 5:21, and had a friend request, from "helpmeplease11324". I accepted it. The user had send me message.

Title: Help Me Please...

"Play my game........"

"I'm very scared...."

I did not play helpmeplease11324's game.Instead, I played Twisted Murderer, that was creepy. I created a VIP Server, and sent request to my friends, but one was weird. In my server, the guy named helpmeplease11324 hacked into my server, and everyone was black.... and the helpmeplease11324 said "PLAY MY GAME". Okay, that was creepy, the server had shut down. I played the game, but there was nothing. I quit the game, and looked at my profile, and it says that I have 0 friends.

Description "I'm Alone".

I have a black skin with a sad face. I have no items, but only a sad face.I played the game on my testing account. But it didn't work.Everyone was very weird...

This user gave me a message.

Title: Thank you

sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry thank you.

The End...