K1LLtheP4RTY is a mysterious anomaly in ROBLOX games that shows it's presence only when the owner is in the server. It tends to show itself looking like a green person with no face. It moves around and follows the owner like a real player, but when the owner leaves, the entire server crashes. It'll commonly talk to other users with unintelligent responses. Does K1LL have any effect on ROBLOX? It's been known to sometimes flood the ROBLOX server computers. It can also change content of games. There are no screenshots of K1LL at the time. There is a large debate on how to find K1LL's profile. Some say you have to listen to the Mesh Audio for 2 seconds. Others say you have to change the site's code.

K1LLtheP4RTY - ROBLOX 2016-01-01 16-21-42

The only known proof of him is a screenshot of a game's name changed by him. It could be fake, but who knows?