It was a normal day on roblox or real life who cares anyway I started to play dragon ball final adventures It was pretty good since I was fused with goku while I was Super saiyan 3.


I met a hacker I don't remember his name but he was O.B.C he told me raise the volume I did but I heard strange noises I was so scared then I got used to it was some kind of mix between songs like x-files and others I was ssj3 after all it was pretty weird i got striked out of nowhere i thought someone used a galick gun but instead it a Kamehameha wave i was okay but i kept getting attacked even in the lobby people started leaving the server even i did i wanted to play Phantom forces i did for a while when i saw LUM he was rank 900 i when to check his profile he didn't exist at all i wierded out and stopped playing roblox for a while.


it was 24th of feb and i came back to roblox happier than ever i kept getting messages from somebody when i clicked messages i found LUM he was game a link to a place


i went in the game i felt like was turning to stone then i saw him he looked like a real man holding a knife he started talking i slept off but i woke up after a while he was still there coming towards me and killed my character.