The Player

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I was playing some Survive The Disasters on Roblox with my friends..Everything went fine until twenty minutes later..A player joined the game, his name was so weird..His name was "N11U9M12B12E5R18"..How is that name possible?! Maybe hacking? I do not know..His character was, just whole black, and I couldn't see his face..He acted strange, he always go inside in the house and stay in a corner, and what was even more strange is, he doesn't get killed by the disasters! When a disaster hits him it just disappears like nothing happened..But we decided to not pay attention to him..After ten minutes of him joining the game he just spams in the chat saying "Numbers In Letters"..One of my friends said a rude comment to the player [It was pretty "Rude"]..For a split second he got disconnected by the server.."Ugh, I knew it was a hacker.." I said to myself..All of my friends left, leaving me in the server by my self.."25|15|21|18 20|8|5 12|1|19|20 15|14|5 . . .".."What?" I said.."25|15|21|18 14|5|24|20 . . ." He said..Before I would reply I got kicked out of the game..Weird I thought..

Target's Games

A few hours passed so I decided to message my friends of that incident..Their replies were so strange.."Run while you still can..","Hes coming","Hes a damn nightmare","I am dead" the replies said..It was pretty weird, I thought they were playing a funny prank to scare me off..I decided to play some games other than Survive the Disasters..

Roblox Highschool

I decided to play Roblox Highschool..When I joined the whole sky was complete darkness, the place looked withered, bodies..Bodies everywhere, and blood..I got terrified of what just happened, but what was weird was, I couldn't resist to stop playing..The only thing that relieved me was players but they started to leave one by one...The school, looked like my Middle School, It was not supposed to look like it! But due to "Not Resisting" I decided to look inside..There was so much bodies and blood, it looked like a masscare! They looked like players..A player named "DuDuckDuW0t" came to me and told me to run..Before I could reply he ran off..What was he running from? I decided to look as a idiot would do..There was words written in blood in the wall or the floors..All of them say "495"..I couldn't think very well I was thinking about what DuDuckDuW0t was running from and the gore..A few minutes later someone named," 20|14|11|14|15|25|14" PMED me," C12A19S 1-B"..I dont know what the hell the numbers mean [I forgotten that message few hours ago]! I know there was a room that had 1-B in my Middle School..Thats where the room class came to my head..I went to the classroom, and found..DuDuckDuW0t's body..He appeared to has his stomach to be removed and the weapon was..A knife made out of numbers..I was shocked! I finally resisted to play even more and was about to the leave the game until something caught my eye...DuDuckDuW0t's name changed to,"It's 25Ou18 F1u12t..."..Then I got kicked..

I...Decided to..Get a break out of roblox..And play something else..........................................................20|1|7 ?


I decided to play some minecraft..Ten minutes later I heard a cracking sound in my audio, I didn't pay alot attenition to it..Then heard a crushing noise again in my audio, again didn't pay any special attention to it like an idiot..Ten Minutes later I found some diamonds! [Finally]..Then a user named,"N11U9M12B12E5R18" joined my Minecraft..What was weird was I didnt put it in a server, and how did he get that na-, Upon that 2nd question I suddenly realized..It was the same damn creepy hacker...When I realized it was too late, he put some creepy texture pack in the system..It was all numbers saying," 25|15|21 3|1|14|20 18|21|14 6|18|15|13 13|5 ! ". A creepy song played along with someone laughing and someone screaming..I closed the game but before It closed it gave me a message.."Builderman messaged you! Would you like you see the message?" and it also gave me a Yes or no Decision..I gave out a sigh and clicked yes..

It made me go back to Roblox and what was strange and almost jumped me out of my chair was a deep torn out hole in Roblox, revealing the background in my desktop..It also revealed some scratchs and some numbers saying "495"..But somehow when I refreshed it it was gone..Anyways heres the message from Builderman..

Buildermans message:

Dear [nope],

Roblox is back to normal! You can play whatever you want! Its FIXED forever!

P.S: Dont you dare look in my profile..If you do you will be Killed


Ok, but what was with that last part..I think he mistook that..But whatever I don't wanna be banned for looking in account but why would he ban for someone who looked in his account..Anyway I still wont..Since its fixed I think its freedom..Its fixed so I play some exciting Roblox games right? No.

Twisted Murderer

I decided to play Twisted Murderer..But it was all distorted..Lobby was..A GIF of someone rubbing some flesh and eating it.It was all over the walls,floors, and everything in the lobby..I grew sick and threw up in the toliet,but I was, coughing numbers.."What The Fu#k?" I shouted..Why, why is this happening..But soon it was blood..Then turned normal..What the hell is going on here?.I took out a sigh and..Was controlled to play more of Roblox...I was also with seven other players..One of them was my friend [Wasn't in the Survive The Disasters game]..The game started and It was like I was in a real life murder...The Map was a school [Not the same one from RHS]..There was bodies everywhere and also blood..I heard someone speak in my headphones,"25|15|21 3|1|14|20 18|21|14" It sounded like a text to speech robot..I looked behind me but no one was there..I turned back to my computer, two players were running together, and I came along with them.."What the hell is going on!!" I said.."YOU DONT KNOW?" one of them said.."NO WTF IS GOING ON HERE" I replied with anger.."SOME PLAYER CAUSED IT TO JOIN AND KILL US ALL!"..Before I can reply they ran off, losing track of them..I decided to look around the school, there was blood and bodies mostly in the cafe..I found my friend hiding in there..I told him,"Why are we hiding?".."You dont even know? Cmon, Do you know, N11U9M12B12E5R18?" He said..I replied with a yes and told him he is a creepy hacker.."Its him were hiding from".."but hes a hacker why are you hiding? or even playing.." I said.."If he catches us, he will play death upon us and..we must play 200 games with him to leave and live peacefully".. I laughed and frighten at the same time because I think their playing a prank on me with a fake account.."Im serious, DONT play a prank on me again, this isnt funny..".."THIS ISNT A PRANK YOU DUMBA$$" he said..I was confused.."Wait a minute, Its you isnt it..get the hell away from me.." he said..He went to a another room..That was weird and confusing..The round ended and I decided to leave the game but a message popped up to not let me out of the game,"Play 199 games first" It said..I was confused, was that story true..I decided to get along with the players..The players in the game stayed away from me, like they backed off when I get near them...The next round appeared and I decided to hide too..Whenever I try to hide near players they went into a another hiding spot..Were they scared and mad at me? I didn't understand..How was I the cause? I mean how did I make it join, Y'know the hacker to join..Who's afraid of hackers anyway, maybe people afraid of them when they will get in the account and find out where they live..Maybe thats the reason they are afraid of the hackers, maybe the word "Kill" means in their mind, Hacked into account to go to their house..That scared me a bit..Anyways I was gonna hide in one of the lockers near the cafe..A body was in a locker, It looked like, My friend..He started to disappear, in seconds, limb by limb..When his head was about to disappear it's name change into," I 20|h|15|o|7|8|t 23|e 23|e|18|5 Fr9|5|14|d|s . . ."...Then he disappeared..I was losing my mind, Is he actually dead in real life? What is going on..I keep forgetting about everything until I remembered I needed to hide..His body and the locker is what saved me..I see a figure or a player walking in the hallways, carrying a scythe made of..Numbers? Yes I know, He is a hacker, then he would of found me..Maybe didn't put the command track all? Why would he don't use it? Anyways he just continued on..

Then the round end..No one was in the game but me..I have to leave..I keep trying to escape the game before the round begins..Alt+f4 and even shutting down wouldn't work..I tried it a couple of times and a different message popped up..It said,"S.t.0.p"..I ingored it like an idiot..I should of, Stopped but I got a punishment..I tried to exit once more and it sended me to a game called "8|5|12|12"..It loaded fast, I wasn't on really good internet though..It was complete darkness until ten minutes later..My "Dead" Friend appeared..He looked like baddly hurt..His eyes were gone, instead there were eye sockets looking at me..His character seems to have static over him..Instead of the LOL hat, It was 495 written in blood....It started a chat with me..I was scared, and I couldn't leave..The words were a bit covered with numbers [81], But I still understand his words..




Him: Why, Why did you make us die?

Me: I didn't I swear! I didn't do anything!

Him: You joined the server..Just to make us suffer with your IT following you..


Him: You didn't know? You caused a hacker to hate you and now he has taken a curse apon you..


Him: And that builderman is just N11U9M12B12E5R18 in disguise..Only the fools would believe it..

Him: And you were smart, so you got your virus with you to our server to make us suffer..

Me: I didn't know..I didn't want to get banned!

Him: So tell me..

Him: Why. Did. You. Make. Us. All... 4 9 5 ?                                                    

Screenshot. The character was removed in the screenshot..However, I made a character for him, Thats why that doesn't look real or creepy..Some, However, Like the hat,static and text were from the game...

Me: Wtf does the numbers mean?

Him: Numbers in letters..

Him: Wait a minute..Your a fool?

[I was shaking to reply..]

Him: Well, Since your a fool I believe you..

Me: Uh, okay?

Him: Just, Kill five people and bring it to the computer..We will get the bodies and make you and us escape..Do you comply..

[Didn't respond..]

Him: Ok whatever answer you picked, I will release you out from this hell..You have a chance before IT comes..

Chat ended By Getting kicked..


The E|14|D?

I was freaking out, not knowing what to do..To kill five people or God Knows what will happen to me..I was wwalking around in circles, getting insane..If I kill five people I will be in death row or a life sentence in jail..As the coward I am, I decided to murder five people, Atleast I won't be dead..I looked around for any people loney around town..I found Two Girls, One Boy, One mother, One father, and a baby...They were all alone in a street, just for giving me a chance for me to murder them..Plus all of them looked like they were weak..Something fell out of the sky, they didn't even heard or notice it..It was a scythe, made out of numbers? I was confused because this was the one from Twisted Murderer, how can this be..As I was insane, I picked it up and, attacked them..I noticed I had some good aiming skills, Which I didn't have, It aimed right at the chest..First, I attacked, The father..He was screaming like an old man..The mother screamed and ran away, so did the kids..I had the idea to throw the scythe and threw it and it killed the mother..My next target was the kids..The two girls were holding each others hands..I threw the scythe once again at the arms, and I couldn't believe it, their arms were torn off..And then, the scythe [Still throwing] sliced the boy in half..There was blood everywhere..There was one more, The baby..But after realizing that I killed 5 people I spared the baby..I placed my scythe on the ground, and somehow, flew back up..I dragged the bodies and placed it near the computer..I saw a shadow outside of my window, but like an idiot I didn't pay attention it it, and shut the blinds..
Shadow man


The computer quickly opened [It was sleeping] and it quickly opened to the game on Roblox,"8|5|12|12"..I went sane and acted normal..I saw bodies of players [Including my friends] floating on the game..The bodies that i've killed were dragged into the computer and appeared in the game..The body was realistic for Roblox to handle..The bodies of the players eyes glowed and my "Dead" friend from Twisted Murderer appeared.."H5 H5 H5 H5 H5. . ." He said.."W5 Don|20| Gi|23|e Fre5D|15|m to fools and lie|18|s.."..I was confused and angry..I just shouted at the screen like a maniac..The bodies of I'd killed and players disappeared..I was stuck on the game..I cannot leave..Suddenly, I heard a violent banging on the window..I saw the same shadow creature on my window, and 2|18|15|11|5 20|8|5 25|9|Ndow! It 3|18|1|23|Led to 13|5 ! I r1|14 my ups|20|1|18|s 2|1|20|8|Ro|15|m..I hide in C:14|15C: bathroom, I was small enough so I could hide in the C:16|12|1|3|5C: Cabients..So thats where I was now and it has been hours since C:20|15C: of that incident..I will continue hiding as..I can....:C8|9|4|5C:...A s I t ' s M y L a s t D a y