I was searching around for good ROBLOX games when I saw a place titled "He", I found 2 more places by the same creator titled "Will",and "Come" I disregarded it and played "He" worst mistake. My character was spawned in a cage in a dark room. Nobody was in the game even though it said it had been visited 9,999 times. But the problem was, It didn't change when I went in. When I went back to check my character...He wasn't there. All that was there was my characters hat. But It was blood-stained! I quickly got the hell out of there and played a different game.

The Story

I was playing Catalog Heaven when I noticed something strange in the "Catalog" it was called DarkHead and it was a sword with a Dark Blue Head on the blade. The amount of Robux it costed was crazy! It had a higher price than a Dominus! I wanted to see what the sword does, but when I got it in-game, my Roblox froze. It took 12 seconds for it to unfreeze but...Nobody was on but me. I went down to the arena still no one was there. I tried rejoining but that didn't work. Then, near my spawn I saw that same cage from "He" but this time. It wasn't me in that cage. It was a Dark Blue figure...But it had no head. My Roblox then crashed, but instead of the normal error. It said "GIVE ME THE HEAD" I then saw that my inbox had been spammed with messages with titles saying "MY HEAD" sent by [ERROR] I ignored


all of them and checked in my inventory and, I saw that same sword I had in Catalog Heaven. I tried chatting with my friend...But my friends list was empty! Then "ROBLOX" opened up a game on its own called "Come", that same game I saw when I played "He". All I saw, was that Dark Blue figure from Catalog Heaven with a Rocket Launcher, "It" then proceeded to kill my character. Until I pulled out the sword. My whole PC crashed with a error saying "THANK_YOU"


I went back on ROBLOX 2 weeks later and it seemed like everything went back to normal. The sword from my inventory I got was gone,My inbox wasn't spammed. So I thought to myself,was any of this real. I wondered until I saw in the catalog... "HEAD".


--Austinsoevil (talk) 17:42, February 6, 2016 (UTC)