My laptop tends to overheat alot. It's not the best laptop ever, its actually an HP EliteBook 8440p to be exact. Those are big laptops that tend to lag. Anyways there are good things to it. It comes with a little flashlight tab on the top of the laptop, right next to the frontal face cam. It also comes with clicker button right below the mouse pad, which our useful.

Sometimes when I play Roblox, my computer overheats. There was one time however, how my laptop didn't just simply overheat.

Work at a Pizza place?

I was playing Work at a Pizza Place. I was delivering some pizza and soda when BOOM my laptop overheated. When it overheated it made the usually fading away noise. So I turned it back on. When I open up chrome after my laptop overheats, there's a little GUI saying "Chrome didn't shutdown properly. Restore?" and there's an option to restore or cancel.

Bandicam 2016-01-30 10-01-38-311

I always clicked restore, so I did this time. When I clicked it, Work at a Pizza Place glitched out or something. It was strange.

The right side was white, and the images were on the left.

I clicked play. Bandicam shut down by itself.


When I went into the game, I was put in a black box below the surface. The platform was transparent, so I saw everyone else in the pizzeria, delivering, and supplying. I typed "HELP ME I [made cupcakes] TO THE BOTTOM OF DA GAME!!!." I thought, what the happened? I never typed made cupcakes. I typed glitched. So I tried again. This time I typed "HELP IM GLITCHING. THIS GAME IS GLITCHY!" When I hit enter i put on "HELlo IM having a party. THIS GAME IS fantastic!"

The people in the server were disappearing. The were not leaving. They were getting kicked! I thought I was going to get kicked, but I didn't.

Text showed up "Glitches are not allowed in my game." Once again my laptop overheated, but when it did, I didn't hear the usually fading away noise. I heard a soft, low-pitched, groan.

Again and Again

The same thing happened. I entered the glitchy game, I typed the same thing, the same people were on the server, they got kicked, a GUI appeared on my screen, and my computer overheated.

I finally realized, after 4 times, that it was repeating history. I was tired. So I unplugged my computer and threw it out the window. It didn't break. So I grabbed a mallet I found in the attic, and smashed my own laptop to pieces. As I was panting and sweating I heard a voice behind me say

"Glitches are not allowed in my game."