I had almost done my Secondary 3 Biology book, and was attempting to do the last question. I flipped the next page for the last question, only to found the page was filled with crayons, with the word "Project Death" on it. Furious, the first option was to accuse my 8 year old brother, Travis. I slammed his bedroom door, but he wasn't there. I forgot that he went shopping with my mum. I erased the scribbles and continued to attempt the last question. A few minutes later, I finished doing my homework. I went to watch television. I was tired after doing my homework, so I wanted to take a nap. Before I could close my eyes, I saw a black figure looking directly at me before it disappeared. I opened my eyes widely and rubbed it. "Everything is locked. How can he enter?" I thought in my mind. I convinced myself that I was just imagining things. I was in my school uniform, feeling tired, and felt a little inconvenient wearing it. I went to take a shower. As I was taking shower, the water was blood. I turned it off, and on it again. It's water, but something more shocking happened. The wall was filled with "Project Death" on it. I didn't scream, but was very terrified to encounter such paranormal activity. I quickly took a shower, and left the bathroom immediately. I went to my bedroom, locked the door and quickly changed my clothes. I wrote my diary about the incident, but I felt someone was stalking me. I didn't want to turn behind, as I know unfortunate things might happen. I continued on writing, and saw a blood dropped on the diary page. I cautiously turned around, and saw nothing, but felt cold. I didn't turn on the air-conditioner. I turned around my body incessantly to see what was getting me cold. I saw something unexpected, perhaps that was the scariest encounter.

My mum and my brother, Travis, came back from shopping. I felt a little more elated. I knew Travis definitely didn't do that. I switched on my computer.