Question 1: How do I create a pasta?

Answer 1: Easy! You've got to find a button name "Contribute". Then, find "Add a page" to create a page.

Question 2: Must I always create a pasta that's always real?

Answer 2: Not always. You can create a fake one, if you want to, as this is your decision.

Question 3: Will I get blocked for breaking a rule?

Answer 3: It depends on which rule you break. Different rules have different expiry system.

Question 4: Why are there no anonymous users/Wikia contributer?

Answer 4: It depends on the founder, because the founder does not trust them.

Question 5: How do I obtain admin?

Answer 5: If you are always frequently online, or worthy enough, one of those admins will ask the founder, or Kjwalpha.

Question 6: How do I revert edits if it is vandalized?

Answer 6: To revert it, click "History" on the "Edit" button. Or if you copied your pastas, paste it on the page. If it's filled with inappropriate stuff, just delete it.

Question 7: Why I can't edit the main page?

Answer 7: It has been protected to prevent any vandalism, spamming, or all kinds of inappropriate content. If you want to edit, message one of those admins and they'll help.

Question 8: Are we allowed to judge pastas?

Answer 8: Yes, you are. Any number can be included when judging others, but please do not swear.

Question 9: Help! My pasta has been vandalized many times!

Answer 9: Contact an admin! We will protect your pasta against vandalism!

Question 10: I got blocked for no reason.

Answer 10: If you got blocked for no reason by an admin, create an alternate account and tell he/she why you were blocked.