((Secret Admirer)) by: DATURGERDONUT

Hi, my name is KatLover1337. I have been on Roblox for quite some time now. I enjoy it, you can play other peoples amazing creations, and even make a creation of your own. I like every corner of Roblox, every spec of it.

Except for one spec, let me explain what I mean.

That one spec, is called Online Dating [or ODing for short]. I used to online date. I did it l 3 times. The first 2 times didn't work out, but the 3rd lasted a bit.

But the 3rd ended when i realized something wasn't right.

The story of my secret admirer

I found this guy when I was playing Club Boates. He was cute. I fell in love. He then told me to follow him to his place, so we can talk and know each other.

3 weeks later

I got a message [On Roblox] from some random person I didn't know. He said he knew where I lived, who I am, and how I look. I started freaking out. He then messaged me that they had my bf, and they were going to slaughter him, if I didn't skype them. I was younger and dumber back then. Instead of calling the cops, I accepting his skype call.

We I accepted, the first thing I saw was a man, with a freakish pig mask. That made me jump and yell. Then he said "Check you account." I went onto Roblox and saw my account had been hacked. Then I heard him say "Now check your computer." I went to my computer files, afraid he would erase all my photos. I was right, except not only did he delete everything, I saw TONS and TONS of photos of me. Sleeping, eating, playing tennis, you name it. I was disgusted. He said he had my bf, and pulled him onto the screen so I can see him. Turns out he was WAY uglier than I thought he would be.

Still, I wouldn't want to live knowing it was my fault someone innocent died. He told me to play his game on Roblox, so I did. It was called something like, Build to survive killers, or something. The thumbnail and game icon look like some build to survive game. Seemed innocent enough, but when I entered, oh was it a horrible sight. It was horrific, disgusting, and disturbing. The walls were someone's heart [literally the organ] was carved with the words "I love you".

Then again I saw pictures of me. Then I saw our roblox characters, doing stuff. I was frustrated, how could this happen to me? Then I got the message.

I had a secret admirer..

[To be continued...]