Chapter 1

So, I was playing ROBLOX as usual with my friend on a random game on the front page. While we were walking around, I saw a figure dashed past me. It was strange indeed. But how was it going that fast? That was the question I was asking myself. My friend noticed the figure too, but he acted like it wasn't even there. I asked my friend if I could go see something. He said "Sure", so I went to check the way the figure went. I found a door that said "Secrets".

Chapter 2

I found a way to get in the room but what I saw was what should not be seen by no gamer on this planet.

I knew my friend was starting to get worried, so he went the way I went, finding the room itself. There was a way to open it from the inside and he saw the same thing I did. Dead bodies in the bloody, distorted version of the game. With the dead bodies included me and my friend dead as well.

Chapter 3

We decided to go fully into the distorted and bloody version of the game. When we went in, there was nothing, but skybox in the backround, meaning we were trapped there. We wanted to explore the distorted world, and we eventually came across someone else who said he was lost too. His name was yansimfan729. Me and my friend with yansimfan729 started experiencing strange things, like the chat had people chatting "Help me please!" and "I'm dying!" even though there was no one else on the server with us.

Chapter 4

We were trying to run away from a group of things that I can't even explain. We encountered a strange thing going on with the skybox turning into a dark reddish color. We tried to find the door back to the game, but failed to do so. So we tried to hide, and in the spot we were hiding in, I noticed a staircase to some kind of dark room. So we decided to go down the staircase, leading to the door I found when we got in this world.

Chapter 5

We went through the door and it did take us back to the normal game. Everything was normal until I received a message, saying "Come back and die along with us."

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