There is a myth about mysterious forms of Robloxians called ShadowBloxians. According to the myth, there's a shadowbloxian for every Roblox account.

How they look like

Some speculate that shadowbloxians are complete opposites of the robloxian they are based on. Here is a chart of what I mean.

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What a depressed shadowbloxian might look like laying down.

robloxian | shadowbloxian

joyful depressed

depressed joyful

loves anime hates anime

hates veggies loves veggies

light skin dark skin

[These are examples]

How to see them

The myth states that you need Tor in order to access your shadowbloxian. Once you access roblox on Tor, search up "My Shadow" in Games. You should see a place called "My Shadow". When you click play, you will see them.

What they do

When you first see your shadowbloxian, they will be laying down. Once you see them, there is an imaginary bar, that will fill up when you do bad things. The more the bar fills up, the more your shadowbloxian looks like they are getting up.

The thing you want: For them to stay down.

What you don't want: For them to get up.

Besides that, they move. When you first look at your shadowbloxian, they will be laying down right? If they are depressed they will stay there, looking at the ground, with a sad face. A joyful one will be rolling around on the floor.

How to get rid of your shadowbloxian

There is one way to get rid of your shadowbloxian. After you see them, completely isolate yourself from technology. No computer, no phones. If you don't, shadowbloxians watch you, they make sure you don't do anything bad. After a month, they grow depressed, even if it isn't the complete opposite of their counterpart. Next time you see them, they will be holding a knife. Don't look at them for a week. After a week you are allowed to look at them, if they are still there. After a week, you will see nothing. Your shadowbloxian has died out. You will be safe forever.

However, it's not over

They will die out. Stay happy. Don't ever become depressed. If you ever do, this will happen.

Since they are your opposite, they become happy. If you see your shadowbloxian, they will look crazy. Having a huge smile. They will be covered in blood, and a text will be at the bottom saying "Don't be sad, or you will end up like me."

It it unknown and unclear what will happen after this. Some say you will get killed tragically. Some say something bad will happen in a certain time. Some say you will loose your memory.

One thing for sure, when this does happen, robloxians seem to disappear, and they are never seen again. In Roblox and real life.