In a new year of happiness and mercy, i was playing ROBLOX. I was searching for good audios until i found this audio called 404040404ff040f4040404fffh04043gfw:). I listened to it. My computer crashed. I turned it back on to realize every icon was named 404040404ff040f4040404fffh04043gfw:). I opened Google chrome. It directed me to a message from 42. 

The message said: You shall d404040404ff040f4040404fffh04043gfw:) n42.

I looked at the Games page, but everything was... different.

ROBLOX was instead XOLBOR, there were 2 games, they said 404040404ff040f4040404fffh04043gfw:). When i played it, i heard screeches. I was in a endless long walk. I walked and walked until i found a button called "Be admin in every game." I stepped on it, realizing it was a trick. It teleported me to a game called "HELL". I standed on a black baseplate with 12 people. They were named "evil". For every minute the name "evil" comes from the nameboard and vanishes. They chanted "evil". After, 42 joined the game. He told me "Listen to 404040404ff040f4040404fffh04043gfw:)?" There was a yes/no option, with no being grey. I wanted to get away from the computer, but i was tied to a big chair which lets me stay in it. Out of curiosity, i clicked yes. My computer glitched. After, it shut down. I realized i was free. I got out of the house, but blood came out of outside. The walls were written with blood, saying:

01011001 00110000 01110101 00100000 01100001 01010010 01100101 00100000 01100011 01010101 01110010 00110101 01100101 01000100 

Boy, who wrote that? The one who possibly wrote that must have been a binary genius. Oh well, back to the story.

I came back to my house, only to find out my parents were dead. I looked at their phones, but it was broken. I got to my computer.WIP