I was finding a suitable game for myself. Scrolling, scrolling and scrolling, I found it. "Darkness 2" manufactured by Loleris. You might've probably heard of this game. I haven't heard of it, so I went into it. I joined the game and there were many players; consisting about probably over 8 players in the server that I'm in. Enjoying myself about an hour of killing players and shooting beasts, I noticed everyone in the server had left. There was only 1 specific player who was in the same server as me didn't left. I noticed his character was fully-black in the lobby, and couldn't really see his face. I greeted to him but he did not answered. Gazing and gazing at him for a few minutes, his head started flaming. His eyes turned red with bloods dripping on his face, and had his mouth covered with jaws. Black wings also appeared on him, and he flew to the top of the lobby and said without Roblox chat in the game, "Darkness will overtake light as light won't be saving you". Then, everything in the game was removed and the skybox turned black with a demon face. I kept dying uncontrollably. Every time when I click my cursor, a possessed person face would pop out onto my screen. I heard an evil laugh and a voice said "As always, darkness would be the ruler of all. Because my babies won, I'll give a fiesta to them!". The worst part is he came to my face and stared at me. "Are you afraid now? If you aren't, I'll make it worse". "Yes. I am", I said to him. He suddenly vanished out of nowhere. I clicked on my cursor to see if that face would pop out again but astonishingly, it didn't. Aftermath, I decided not to play either Darkness 1 nor 2.