NOTICE: Hello, I am ButtonMash987. While the best ROBLOX creepypastas wikia shut downed, I decided to move on another one so I can contribute my work! Please enjoy my creepypastas.

Roblox is updating...

I started ROBLOX like everyday usual and I noticed that the ROBLOX player was updating. Since I got a new laptop from Christmas and I was really happy about having it. The ROBLOX player showed a message that it ended the updating. I was searching which games to play and I chose some random, funky games. I saw a game called "The Room". It was in the genre Horror, but I was in Comedy...I thought it is just a bug in the system, but it was weird.

I launched it like always. It was a black room with a single NPC that was called "Prisoner". I clicked on the '?' bubble. Here's the chat with the NPC.

NPC: "Is somebody there?"

Me: "Uh...hello?"

NPC: "Don't move a inch or i'll beat you to death..."

Me: "Calm down, it's only me."

NPC: "I don't know somebody called me..."

Me: "Me? Oh no no no! I am called..."

NPC: "...?"

Me: "..."

NPC: "So what is it?"


This is where it got weird. The game shutdowned, but I haven't pressed anything. I went on my desktop to see if anything is okay. Only the Roblox Player had a different name.

Roblox is updated

'ROBLOX is updated'

The Hacked Games

Never thought I would say this but the games we're different. Too.

Mad Games

I went on Mad Games because I wasn't there in a long time. The players we're scared about what is happening. Everyone had it updated. The lighting was red and not normal like usual. The first minigame started called 'The red platform'. It was only a red platform and we had revolvers. We started to shoot other players, and the bodies fell into the void. I was the last person standing. Suddenly, I heard a voice through the speakers.

"Well done, ButtonMash987, well done." it said. It gave me negative numbers and some binary on the screen. If you can guys decode it I will be happy.


The next minigame was called 'Neverending Torture' which didn't sound like a minigame. We, players, we're on a saw machine. One by one we're split in half. It was not that bloody, there we're only decals. Badly drawn decals. It was mine turn to be split in half. When it came to my body it stopped for 2 seconds and then it splitted me in half. The game crashed and then I decided to play something else, but not ROBLOX.

Apocalypse Rising

Well, this is interesting. I stopped playing it, but I decided to go back on it. I joined the game, but there was no one. So I think I made a new server. When I was searching the woods and houses...I saw a blood bag. I grabbed it, but it didn't appear in my Inventory. Instead there was a galaxy-like picture. It was called 'Void'. My items we're dissapearing, one by one, like the players. I actually realized something. I headed over to a item and it change the name for a split second. 'TheLordOfNoobs1234' was the name. And I remember that the name at Mad Games was same... I rather shrugged it off and leaved the game.

The Maze

I spawned there. But it was not how I thought it would be. It was the players from Mad Games, including me. A player joined. And the name was 'CallForHelp' he was starting to chat 'Call For Help,' and then another player joined. 'IDareYou' and he ws starting to chat 'I DARE YOU'. I was walking forward. But 2 more players joined. 'TheLordOfNoobs1234' and 'ISDEAD'. After I read 'ISDEAD' part all of the players dissapeared. Then statues that looked like the players from Mad Games. I was mumbling some words in my head, trying to remember what just happend. "!"

But nobody came.

Messages from Unknown


There are some people on the earth, trapped in buildings, calling for help. Hmm...


This guy. His name is seriously Unknown, and he messaged me many times. I am worried about this. This is the first message, but what does it mean? Is he trapped? Is he calling for help? For ME?

No, no, this is all a bad dream... But while I played ROBLOX there we're no players. On every game. No players, none of the admins online. But then. I saw someone playing a game. I didn't know that game and it had the word Tycoon in it. I played it. And he was there. The Unknown. This is the conversation:

Unknown: "Hello. Have you read my messages?"

Me: "I did."

Me: "And I will never read them again."

Unknown: "Why? I thought you liked me."

Me: "Sir, I don't even know you"

Unknown: "..."

Unknown: "How can you not know me."

Unknown: "How can you not know the one."

Me: "uhh dude?"

Unknown: "How can you not know the ones you abandoned by playing the game."

Unknown: "How."

Me: "i don't know what you're talking about"

Unknown: "You know what I am talking about."

The screen then went black, and Yes or No appeared on the screen.

"The players we're your friends. Aren't they?"

Should I choose...Yes? I don't even knew the players, they we're some random people.

I choosed Yes.

Unknown: "Interesting."

Unknown: "You want to kill them, don't you?"

There we're no options. Well, only YES. It was red. I tried leaving the game, nope. ALT + F4? Nah. Task Manager? It was almost my last chance. Clicking the X? No.

Unknown: "Hmm...You really want to kill them."

Unknown: "Okay."

Unknown: "Okay."

Unknown: "Okay."

Unknown: "Okay."

Unknown: "Okay."

Unknown: "Okay."

Unknown: "Okay." over and over and over. He kept saying it until my screen...was filled with it. The game crashed.

Message 2, 3, 4


Apparently, people are dying.
People are dying because they are trapped? Huh...
No one hears their screams. Only you.
So they are dying...?
It is all your fault isn't it?
Oh no, I didn't do anything! I am just a regular person...


wait a minute...


?daed era yeht taht won dna ,meht denodnaba uoy taht leurc ti t'nsI ?dab ti t'nsI .hturt eht wonk uoy...lleW .mih yb desiugsid ,em yb saw tI .sirelol yb edam ton er'ew semaG daM tahT .enim fo emag eht gniyalp ,ereht meht tfel uoY .meht denodnaba uoY .srehto rof tcepser on evah uoY .uoy etah I esuaceb siht gniyas ma I .'atsapypeerc' ruoy nees evah I .nwonknU em si tI


Is he hacking me? Is he trying to be funny? No one is funny. No one is funny in this world. Everyone is lying to you. You guys, are the only one why I am writing this...

You know why?

I'm imprisoned by him.

I am writing this on his computer in office. I have been trapped here for a month. He guessed my password for the wikia, and so I changed it. There are only some things on this computer, such as Roblox Player, some text documents that has weird things written there...his background is satanic, and there is also Google Chrome, I am writing on now. If you can't read the text that is backwards, then here, I reversed it.

It is me Unknown. I have seen your 'creepypasta'. I am saying this because I hate you. You have no respect for others. You abandoned them. You left them there, playing the game of mine. That Mad Games we're not made by loleris. It was by me, disguised by him. know the truth. Isn't it bad? Isn't it cruel that you abandoned them, and now that they are dead?
I hear someone banging at the door...


Good that I locked myself.

And now there's one last thing to do...

Beat his game on R O B L O X.

His Game

And so I got to it. It was an obby, and it looked like it was in Hell. There was lava, red blocks and some flags that looked like checkpoints. I will not tell you how it all ended and that, but there we're the flame things from Super Mario Bros and some bridges without some planks and that. It was normal until suddenly, I was at the half of the obby.

In the darkness, I saw a huge figure. It was black, and there was lava surrouding it. It had some red scars, looking like blood. When I got to the 9th checkpoint, suddenly a cutscene started.

The camera zoomed into the figure's face. A scream started to play, as the figure started moving. Rockets appeared in the figure's hands. The cutscene ended, and I started to play. It was a bit hard, but after minutes and minutes of trying, I finally did it. A button was on the ground. I jumped on it, and the rockets fired at the figure's face. I was victorious. A ladder appeared and my character climbed it.

'Congratulations. You are free.'

Those we're the words that appeared on the screen. I heard screams behind the door. I opened it, and saw that he got transformed into millions of pieces. The cells we're opened, and everyone runned out.

Suddenly, a strange feeling g o t m e . . .

The End...

I woke up. I was in a hospital, surrounded by my family, and some doctors. I asked what happend.

I was in a car accident. I had a bad injury on my head, torso and arms. He said that I never woke up. Until now. I was in a coma for a month.

"Does this...mean that I woke up because of..."


He said that no, It wasn't meant to be by that. But it's strange that I remember all of this...

When I was at home, everything got into one. His messages now make sense.

There are some people on the earth, trapped in buildings, calling for help. Hmm...
Those we're the players. They we're trapped in the building, that I was in. They we're calling for help. FOR ME.
No one hears their screams. Only you.
Only, I hear the screams, that we're saying HELP ME!
It is all your fault isn't it?
Okay, I need to say that it was. Because I updated ROBLOX. That's why it is my fault. But I couldn't cancel it. I had no choice, but to do it.


So,̛ n҉ow e̶ve̵ryth̡i͜ǹg i͚͕̹͢s̰͖̝̦̼ͥ ̠̗̘̫̖ͮ̆͛̍̋͢g̢̗̜̜͎͕̍ͧ̔̈o̠̦͕̽̑̑͌͠ḭ͚ň̞̀͋̏g̺̹̈̒̃ ̣̪̙̖͉ͨ̃̂̑̑ͫ̇͝t̥̪̮̲̉͞ͅȏ̢ͮ̉̊͊ͬ ̻̱̖̍̆͐̑͐͋̄b̠̙̯̻̦̤ͤ̃͒͂e̗͉̲̍͂͂ͨ ̛̫͙͕͇͎̭̯̔ͦ̏͛ͭf̸̓̓̈̐͒̚i̗̦n̛̙̩ͫ̈́͑̓͐̚e͏̜.̪͈̠͎̝͑̓̒͂ͥ̀

B̧̩͇̥̤̞͎ͯͭ̋̎͐̃͋͜u̬̮̺̼̞̎̒̃̊̾̀͞t͚̹͍̬̭̺̥͍̗̾͂ͦͧͣͭ͑͐͜͞ ̄͗ͪ͋̄́͏̫̤͞͞y̧͚̹̮ͤ̌̓̀è̛̪̺̮̼͚̙͊̓̂̐ͩ͑̈́̕͞ṭ̵͎̻̋́͒ͯ̈́́͌̌͘,̸͇̬̪̦̞͋ͧ̀ͦ̌ͦ ̛͎͕̘͇͖̪̪̼̩̿̏̋w̡͉̙̤̺̯̭̪̫͊͆̒ͭ̊ͯͅi̢͓̳̭̝͍̪̿͛͌́͆̎̎l̨̲̙̗͉ͨͯͤͧ̓ͦͮ͂͘ͅl̯̣͇̰̪̙ͨ͆̓ͣ͆̔ͥ̃ ͈͇̬̫̻̦̝̂ͣ̏ͩͥ̀͆̽͋͠i͚̘̯̮̖̒̂̎̓ͥ̐͌̒t̢̠̦̙̰̖͔͔̦͐̃ͫ ̽̓̐͐̅҉͔̥̝͠h̛̗̪̫͓͇́̎̚͘ͅa̵̳̮̦̫̽͘ṗ̭͈̝͎̯̿̎͒͢͡ͅp̠̼͍̳͇̼̑͛̾͆ė͉͒͛͢n̪̱͓͚̈͗̌̉̍͊̇ ̷͈̭̣͙͈̍̂̅ͩͭ͗ͬ͑͢a̸̷̲̫̮̹̞ͮ́ͨ͛̎̓̚ģ̩̹͛̿ͩ̎͟ȧ̡̨̝̖̟̹͚̦̭̻ͯͭ͌͂͝į̸̦̣̗̗̻̫̠͚̈̐͋͆̋̆̀n͈̮̥̬̟̏ͤͩ͌?̶̜̤͉̦̲̹̊̌ͤ̽̋͋̿̈́̀ͅͅ ̲̲̺̥̮̮̺͗ͧ́͢ͅW̜̄͆̆ͪ̅́̕͞i̽̉̽҉̺̜̲͚l̥̮̘̝͇̥̰̹̱̿̃͆͛͗͊͗ͫ̌͠l̲̤̯̪͚ͨ͒ͦͫ̈̏͗̈͠ ͉̬͆hͨ͏̭̤̬̭̩̭e̵̪͕̥̳̠̲̖͎͙ͭ͐̏̀̍ͮ͒̚̚͢͡ ̷̹͈̘͈̙ͣͦ̿̂̔ͩ̌c̴̫ͯͮ̂̍ọ̸ͨ̉̕͠m̧̜͓̙̱͙͐ͧ̓̇e̲̞̊̍̑ͩ̽̾̌͟?̨̯̖̯̞͓̎͂͑̔ͪ͋͋̔

Ȏ͙̼̖̱̔͐̽́̾̅͂͊̍͛͐͌̚̚͜Ǹ̸̫̮͕̯͙̱͚̍ͦͤ̽ͥ̑ͨͥ̈́̀̀͘͢Ḻ̸̨̮̤͙̱̹̦̩͈̪͇͛̂͆̿̍̀̕ͅỴ̨̧̧̥̬̲̪͖͇͚͚̰͉̘ͯ̎̃̿̂̐̓̀̃̂ͩ̊̎ͬ͊ͬͣ̚͠ ͂̆ͭ͌̆̇͛ͭͫ̚͞҉̧̹͓̺͕̗͡H̶̠̰̗͍̠̲̯̗͇͍͈̥̜̰̤ͥ̽͂̊ͤͪ͋ͨͩ̎̔ͨ̍ͫͮ͊́̚͜ͅE̴͒̒ͮ̉̃͒҉̭͈̬̘̣̹̪͚̖̣͔̜͙͘͞͡ ̨̢̧̧͔̜̠͎̯͖̻̩̫̙̼̱͇̜̮͉͊̀ͭ̔͐͢ͅͅKͨͯ̂͂̓͋҉̸͚̯̲̪̱̪̖̱ͅN̎͆ͤ̐ͩ̐͋ͧ̓̌ͭ̓̋ͤ̊͊͏̘͚̜̜̘̻̜͍̻̭̞̫̺̕Ǒ̸̧̟̝̩̺͓̻̩̤̭̬͉̲̩͔̻͆ͦ̇ͫ͛ͬ̌W̴̙̺̥̻̭̜̻̰̱̳͙̜̩͍ͥ̇̓̂̀͜͢S̸̡̤̥̳̳̞͎̪̞̑ͮ̋̾̌̓̏́̀ͩͤͭ̐̇ͥ́̂̏̕͝͝,̷̟͓̖͈͙̭ͬ̋͂ͤ̒͑̐͗̿̃͋͒ͫ͟ ̮̮̣̯̥̩͕̤̖̰͍̻̠̬̪̱̗̅̇͐ͩ̑̃̾̕͡W̵̶͖͈͔̰̜͍̅ͬ̾ͨ̊͘̕H̔ͭͦ̽ͭ̌ͥ̑ͮ̎͆̊͂́̑̚͏̼̱̺̺̠̖̭̩̀͟͞͡Ȩ̷̨͚̰͉̝̼̫̲̞̋̈ͥ̈́̇͊̍̓̅̉̈́ͥ̈́̏͊̕N̡̢̛̘̬͙͕͕͍̊̅͐ͩ̕ ̷̡̝̩͍̪̞͉̫̗̰̪͈̋ͯ͊̑ͤͮ͘͟͢H̝͍̯͔̟̥͚̬̰͎͇͙̘̩͎̘̏̎ͭͬ̏̔̇̍̽́ͣͭͮ͢͝E͑̊̅̽̈́͗̈ͯ̎́̒̚͡͏̳͔͖̘ ̴̱̠͉̪̗̜̞͈̹̯̰͉̽̆͗̽ͮ̽̔̿̑̎̾͢͟͞C̨̫̗̬͔̫͈̙̫̝̹̜͕̤̙̘͖͌̔̉̀̿̾͑͌̋͐ͧ̚͞ͅͅO̡̼͙̹̱̓̈̈̇ͤ̀̃̑ͦͪ̌̄̓̉ͦ͘M̧̂̅ͦ̍͋̔ͫͫͮͪ̇͌̑͆͊̀͏̟̝̝̩̲̦͈͍̹̰̥͍̜͚E̴̩̩̪̲̝͉̓̓ͦ̉̉̀̽̇ͪͫ͌͛ͫ͘S̷̨̧͖̝̙̠̜̱̞̳͕̜̗̲̝͖̲̠̙͂̂̉̈́ͭ̃͑ͫ̒̉͐͡.̸̷̨̘͕̭͍͈͓̪̤̯̗̞̼̹̼ͬ̂ͯ̇͂ͪ͐̇͋̒̅̇̈́̏̏̄́͝ ̨̢͊͑̆̋̒̌͛̿͒͌͗ͯ́ͥ͒͆̏ͫ̌͏̡̖̩̟͚̞̮͈̘̝͕̗͠ͅͅÍ̵̻̱͕̭͖͓̔̀̂̒̊͛ͣ̏̀T̃͆̉ͤ͌͌͏̶͏̝̟̩̗̘ ͗̉̉̈͊̿̍̂ͦ́ͭ͗͆̐͒ͬ҉̢͓̩̯͍̯͍I̸̍́̓͒ͯ̄̎͋̑̄͟͏͖̹̫̙͈̺̲̬̦S͐̒͛̒̓͌̏͂ͭͭ̾̅͆̓̀͑ͥ҉͖̭̪̗̣͍̭͓͇́͡ ̷̰̣͚̬̭̝̰͚̼̆ͧͫ̆ͫ̋͑̔̿̇̀́̕Â͂̌ͮ̆͑ͨ̾ͦ͘͏̶̢̬̫̤̯̱̮̕L̶̻͖̪̳͙̭̹̳͔̙̯͎͖͍͉̀̈́̽̓̈́̍ͨ̓͊̃͆͑̚̕͠L̈̑ͥ̄͒̋̅ͧ̂̍̆̌̓͒ͬ͜͜͏̜̩͎̙̹̻͈̞̣̥͞ͅ ͬͦͬͨ̋̐ͦͦ҉̰̮̱̮̟̞̰̮̺̭̘̖̘̙̺͇̝̻̦̕͜͡J̵̦̹͕̋͋ͩ̾̓͘͠U̡̢ͫ̈ͭͩͭͦͪ͗͝͏͚̻͍̭̘̗̟̖̗͍̣̦̞͎̬͔̲̪͖S̴̷̤͈͖̜̘͉̥̘̘̺͚̖͇̜̥̐̋͊͒̆̎͌͂͊͝T̮̘̖̪̝͙̩̘̩̉ͬ̄̑̂̍̈͛̅̏̎ͬ̅̿ͮͮͪͩ͡͠ ͑̈́̔́̾͛ͮ̏̋ͪ̒̿͗̔ͮ͏̷̧̹̯̥͎̝͖̬̲̹̠̕͝ͅĀ̴̢̭̙͔͙̦̯̥̜̹͈̓̃̓̐̐̏̏̈́ͩ͗ͩ̐̓̿̔̾̿̀̚͡ ̵̧͈̘̪̟̖̬ͦͥ̔̚̚̕Ḑ̷̢̹̝̼̱̥͔͇͔͎͉̱̣̯̮͕̙ͥ͂ͨ̊͋̓͠ͅR̶̶̢͚̤̺͍͖͍̙ͣ̌ͦͪͦ͐̓͑͟͟E̸̷͈̠͎̥͎̘ͨ̈́̊͊̀͘A̬͔͕̟̠͖͈̖̰̫͓̦̮̪͉͍̝͆͛ͯ͆̋̽̌͌̋ͮ̾̀͗̈̃͊ͥ̊͜M̴̢̡̼̗̙͍͖̹̙̪̯͎̌ͤ̎̃̚͘͠.̷̷̧͈̖̰̬͕̟͕̜̗͓͚̟͍̣̞̬̓ͮ̐̉̉ͭͣ́͒̂ͬ̐̍̍͞ͅ ̛̐̎̆̓͏̛̭̘̮͈̖̩̥̫͘͟ͅͅI̢ͪ̔ͮ͜҉̞̺̫͙͙̦̳͕̤̗̠̠̫̰͕͇̰̲̕T̶̡̪̻̼̮̦͍̺̼̤ͯ̓͛ͭ͐̑̈ͩ̽ͧͯ́̐̃̎̀͒̈́̂͘ ̡̡͇̯̰̲͕̜̹̮͉̯̪ͦ̉̍̉̄̍̍ͮͨ̇́ͬ͌̀̓́̈ͦ̂̕W̵̨̭͍̣̞͙͉̟͚̾ͨͭ̿ͦ̈́̃̾̒̄ͯͭ̊͢͢ͅA̾̀̓̈͐̒̐ͬ̊̈͏͔͇̗̣͓͖̺͓̜̫̰͈̣̪͓ͅS̶̴͔̫̦̖̞̖̝̤̰͔̫̪̰̭͛̈̊̅̇̉ͫͯͪ̾ͬ̉͊͘͜͡ ̷̰͎̬ͨ̅͆͂̾̌̒͂̑ͨ̍̂͑̋ͪͫ̂J̡̨̭̹͚͎̳̬̻ͭ̓ͯ͂͊͒ͯ̃͒͛͗̾͗ͣͧ̽̿ͤ͠Ứ̧͎̠̲͚̩̳͍̜̟̭͔͈͚͎͙͓̂̄̋͌͌̑͂̑̈͌͜͞͞ͅͅͅS̛̥̝͕͖̭̟̘̃͋ͤ̿̈̇͒̓ͣͣ͌͊̍̋̐̋̚̕Tͮͥ̃ͤ̿ͯ͜͏͖̫̬̟̻͇̭͟ ̴͓̬̞͎͚̩ͯ̽̽̊̈́͗̚̚͘ͅA̅̂ͮ̐͒ͧ̊ͬ̃ͫ͋͜͏̵͟͏̝̤̯͍͙͈̭̫̫̥͔͙̮̙̞̤̜̲ ̡̡̭̪̯̤͚̲̘͔̱͎̩̺̫̯̭̈̍ͩ͒̂̊ͭͭ͑ͨ͒̋͌̑ͨ̐ͮ̉R̶̵͓̣̮̻̻̲̯̜̆̈́̅̈́͋͆͗̄͜͡Ǫ̟̭̯̟̟͙̮̳̘͓̤̝̤̙̬̮̟̳̂̎̾ͩ̍ͧ̽ͣB̷̩͓̞̮͇̱̯̰̰̘̙̥͓̖̳̿͛̓̓̍̃ͥ̂͆̔̓͑ͬ͝L̴͕̥͇̩̻͚̰̰ͨ̏͌ͩ̎͊̃ͬ͒̿͋̔̀͢͜O͈͎̦͔̯̤̘̟̥͚̫̓̓͒́̓̽̋̾ͬ́͡͡X̶̠͎̜͓̥̮̺̜̫͚̠ͦ͛̓͞͡'͎̗͍̳̺͖͑͑̽ͪ̉ͭ̆͋̒̋̇͑ͭͮ̈̔ͣ͜͟͠ͅͅS̨̳̭̮̫̮̫̦̮̮ͦ͑ͦ̔̄̎̃ͧ̋̔ͪͦͦ̀́͠͝ͅ ̵̵͇̲̰̺̯͓̪͇̱̞͍͍̻̣̞͍̩̓̌ͬ̈́F̴̧̩͖̻͖̩̞̝͕̊̓͑̅ͣͧ͂̓̎̀͗̆ͧ̅͗ͬ̿̅͊͘Ą̵̻͉͖͈̙͉̯̱̟̯͍͔͋͆͒ͮ͆́̉̌̋̃ͧ̿̓͒̊̌̕͢͟Ų̡̦̥͖̘̹̞͖̙̯͚͍͔͉̝͎̐̐͂̇̿̊͗ͫ̂͌̔ͦͤ́͡L̴̲͈̺͉̜̫͚̖̭̟̹̗ͫ͆̽̍̍͡T̷̥̞̟̖̰̮̳̗̗͉̙ͦͤ̎̅͊͛͠ͅͅ.͛̏ͣ͗͌ͧ̈ͮ̆͗ͣ͗̾ͥ͏̵̟̲̻̯́͡ ̴̤̬̝͖͖̲̠͙͔̅̑ͭͪ̈͌͑̓͊̊̕D̷̙̳͇̩̮̠̬̩̞̘̮̝ͦ͑̽̔̊̿̑͐̽͗ͮ̏͐̈ͦ͆ͣͣͯ̀ͅ ̨̑ͮ̐ͧ̿͜͠҉̵̼͍̤̳͉̭̻̟̞̞͓̤̹̜̫͙̼̱Ơ̑̊ͨ̒̄ͧ͐̾͑̿ͮ҉̵̯͓̝̤̟ ̨͍̘͙̙̫̳̜̬̙̤̞̗̦͂̇̂̔ͬ̈́̆̔͒ͪ̕Ṅ̸̢̢̟͎͔̺̬̞̱̹̮̬͓̤̖̗͓̟͕̘̼́̑̈̅̏̎̚͟͢ ̨ͯ̏̂́̇̓ͮ̃́̇͂͞҉̛̘̖̟̫̤Ơ̶̧̟̪̤̌͛̇ͥͭ̾ͭ̒͡ͅ ̴̴̷̺̲̪̫̙̇ͮ̓̏͢T̵͈̱̮̝̩̪̤̙̦̈́͛̒̃̀͛ͨ̀̒̑́͡ ̸̴̢̗̪͓̦̥̟̫̹͈ͣ̋ͭͥ͌̐ͣ͝ ̧̡̛͖͇̙̪̙͓̗͇̯̟ͫ́̃ͣ́͆ͣ͑̿̈́̊ͪ̉ͯ͠T̷͓͔͕̅ͥͭ͋͊ͣ̾͋̀͢͞͝ ̖̻͍̹̞̦̰̘͍̲̲̖̠͓̖̦̹̫̈ͤͫ͂̈́̚͢Ṛ̢̥̙̳̬̳͙̖͓̩̪̦̘̙͉̮͈̈́ͤ̇̐̑ͮ͡ ͤͨ̾ͨͤͮ̃ͣ̔̌ͭͤ̎̆̇̋͋҉̬̤̣͉̺̻̠̲͓̥͖̀͝Y̢̛̙͍̘̼͓͎̮͓͙͊ͪ̎̃̉ͤ̈̊ͭ͛͐͒ͨ͛̒͆ͯ͊̔ ̩̙̤̯̹̠̘̙̗͐ͧ̃̊̅ͣ̉̽ͦ́̍ͫͥͪ̃̐ͤͤ̚͢͝ ̷̴̧̫͍̰̳͕̮̘͍̫͓̰̲̭̜̀̊̇͂̀͌̾͘͞ͅŎ̟͎͚̪̦̅ͭ̀̿͐ͧ͌ͦ̊̿͋ͫͧ̀͑̈́͒ͣ͞ ̵̣͙̰̞̙̿̉̒̃̎ͯ͌ͧ̒ͫ̀͢͡ ̛̣̤̟̻̭̰̪̹̪̹̯̺̠̳͔̤̏ͭͭ̃̉̽͡E̷͇̹̱̘̹̮̱̪̝̬̜̝̅̑͋̊ͦ̀͢ͅ ̶̴͎̤̜̝̦̙͇̥͔͉̤͍̙̱͙ͩͮ̔ͤͮ̀͂ͩ̍ͥͥ͆͑͂̅́͢͡Ļ̑̾̉ͨ͐ͭͫ̋͒̈́͌̉ͧ̔̈́҉̮̼͓̦̥̮͈͉͜͞ ̿̏̿̈́ͭ̐̋̉́̽҉͕̺̥̱͓͓̀P̛͕͇̺̤͉̬͚͈̭͍̙̳̮̟͌͗̐͑ͪ͢͢ ̨̰͚̠͓̯̬̖̼̠̻̦͚̭̱̗̰̿ͥ̑̔̂̿͗̀̚̕ͅ ̡͊̉ͩͨͧ͛͋ͩ҉̳̞͍̺̦͖͔͉͈̟̰̲̭̼̭̼̫M̠̤͈̣̩͊̓̈ͧͣ͛̓ͨ̓͡͠ ̨͎̖̪̦̭̺͔̤̤̘̭̯̠͖̲̲̳̻ͣͨ̋̈́ͬͭ̀́̕͢É̢̛͋͋ͤ́͑ͩ̿̇̍͒̎ͭ͊̃͜͟͏̬͔̝̺ ̷̢̧̖̞̘̲͍̝̭̰͆́̈́͒͐͐ͪ̽̎̍̊̿̎̎͑͠͠.̸͚͖̳̎ͣͨͣ̉̊̈́͋̎ͮ̐͘͞͝͝ ̢̡͉͉͖̤̜̰͇̞͙̹̖̬ͩͧ͌ͤ̀̋ͯ̌̽̑ͯ̈́̆͟͠ͅ.̶͔̺̙̱̫̭͈̻̼͔̱̗̯̞͔̮ͩ̋͒̈̓͗͛ͬ̂̿̈́̆͆̔͢͜͝ͅ ̴̥̗̪̰͒͛̔͆̒̽̄ͦ́͟!̡̢̺̥̼̭̦̭̟̖̣̰̻͉̲̩͇̥͈̉͑ͧ̌̈́̈́ͤ̓̊͋́́͝

"We are very sorry, what happend to you. It must have been a glitch/bug in our system. It happend to more players, and we're trying to fix it. We have deleted all of the files, but one is still remaining. We will send a link for you, but please open it, in a virtual machine. It has many viruses, and even destroyed our computers.

- Roblox Team.

Link:" (AUTHOR'S NOTE: This website does not exist :P)


ButtonMash987 (talk) 10:28, February 13, 2016 (UTC)