Hi, guys! It's my 1st creepypasta, so expect a lot (or some) cliches in here.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Once awhile, I was playing ROBLOX. I searched some awesome games until something caught my eye. The game was "Speed Run 666". (Yes, I know, cliche) There was no creator icon and creation date. I tried to play it. For a split second, it showed a picture of a blood handprint with demonic background in it. The Speed Run was no Speed Run. It was "Hell". After that, a user named "D13N0W" joined the game.

Chapter 2: Evilness

When I got near D13N0W, he quickly said Y03AR3D3A3. After that, I saw the message saying Requesting Server... During that, it showed a disgusting picture. I puked in the bathroom, but I noticed that I was puking blood. Then, I was in a game called 093P1CM4N IS DEAD (09epicman - me). The background music was the Mesh Audio, except it didn't lag for me. D13N0W joined the game, and said "Ying Orb Urban Ring" English translation - "Deaf Eerie And Darkness". I noticed he said "YOUREDEAD", and after he said that, the game shut down. But instead of the message saying "This game has shut down", it said "Y0UAR3N3XT" 42 times. After I was having a party with D13N0W, along with Y0U4R3N3X7, they spammed help messages.

Chapter 3: THE END

I went to sleep during that time. When I woke up, I found blood footsteps in my house, leading to my computer which was left open. The weirdest thing ever is that there was 2 icons in my computer, ROBLOX and ROBLOX Studio. When I opened ROBLOX Player, it took me to WAAPP (Work at a pizza place) but more distorted. The background had blood in it. The pizzas was poorly made. The sky turned red, but the worst thing was everyone was dressed as D13N0W. I said "WTH." Everyone said "ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY GOD", even me! Then the game crashed. I got a message from "AVICTIMOFD13N0W". He said "Hey dude, I found a way to stop D13N0W. Just come to my place.". I got to his place. He said "If you want to stop D13N0W, kill his best friend." I went back to D13N0W and killed his best friend, and it worked! After that, I went to play other games.

So thanks for reading my creepypastas. I hope you liked it! -ROBLOXwikiguy