Before I start I'll explain the sticks appearance. The stick has a white shirt and black pants. The sticks entire body color is blue and he has the bloxxer hat. He is called the stick because of the one weird thing about his body. He has very tall arms and legs.

The stick was once a normal user until one day a mod saw his profile. The mod thought his username was funny and decided to turn him into an actual stick. The next day when the user woke up in real life something weird happened. After the mod changed the users avatar to be a stick... the users real body became one. The man called the hospital and they found no way that it could have happened. The story became famous in the news. The roblox team heard the news and changed his avatar back. But it wouldn't work. 5 minutes after they tried the user died and his account was deleted.

It is said that the user haunts Roblox. Theres a one in a million chance when you download Roblox it will also download a file called "stick" if you open it your Roblox account will be deleted. And your real body will turn into a stick.


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