It was a cold summer day in late August 2009. I just found out about a game called ROBLOX. I was only 8 at the time. By the time I started the guest account, I got addicted to that game. The day after I made an account. It was called Matthewber818. At that time, I couldn't build or script, and I still can't today. I was on a zombie defense tycoon. Suddenly, a hacker came out of nowhere and banned me from that game. I was really pissed off. I went to the games tab once again to find a new game. When I got to the games tab, I had one new message. It was a misleading title, saying that it was a free ROBUX and Tickets generator. As I said before, I was 8 years old and I was really low on ROBUX. The message was said this.

"Are you low on ROBUX and Tickets? Do you want to get easy money for free? Well I have developed the first working ROBUX and Tickets generator! Here is the link [LINK HAS BEEN DELETED FOR SAFTEY PURPOSES]."

As my dumb 8 year old self, I clicked the link. The webpage looked similar to the 2009 ROBLOX webpage, but with a different page, of course. When I downloaded the file, my Avast! antivirus went haywire. I ignored it. Looking back at it now, I should of listened to the security warning. It was a damn stupid idea to do. The file was this, [FILE NAME DELETED].7zip. I extracted it using 7zip and it displayed three files, a readme that I skipped, the executible, and the resources folder. I thought that it was legit. I ran the executible, and then it started...

My Avast! antivirus popped up and went halfway through until it was cut off by the dangerous. At the time, I had America Online 9.0 installed on my desktop. AOL and all the other applications installed had just gone full on full CPU usage mode, poppin' up new windows. And then it stopped. I was sitting at my desktop, wondering what the hell just happened. Then my Avant browser popped up Roblox. A game launched, it was laughing at me, taunting me with that stolen Navashield laugh. I pressed ctrl+shift+esc to end the task, but an error message popped up with a skull stolen from the Phantom1 MS-DOS virus. It read, "Why are you leaving so soon, Matthew? I thought you liked testing viruses."


I need you guys to help me decide what to do next. This is my first ever creepypasta, you can leave criticism, but not to harsh. Also feel free to provide some ideas! What I want to go for is like a malware type theme that causes random haunted games to open. Also, as a fun fact, I was sleep-deprived when I made this in July!