I always liked Obbies, especially the long ones. When you fall in to the void, you need to start again from the stage you we're on. Instead, you don't have to die. You will be teleported to a game. A game that one can find, and can be only found by doing suicide in the game. It has a 0.5 chance, to be teleported into another game. And then, there is another chance.

A chance that happend only to one player. The player died, due to Heart Attack, Headache and more things. Before he died, he said that it was a obby. A obby with only 5 stages. And then...

He never said anything after that. After I discovered this myth, I wanted to go and look on some obbies. There we're many of them. Many and many. Then there was that 'Long Obby'. I started falling into void, again and again. People we're saying what am I doing, but I ignored, and continued. After days of trying, I finally did it.

The game closed, by itself. And I thought I need to do it all over again. "God damnit." I said, and then went on the obby again. But the game was closing and closing, until I checked the Recommended Games. There was only one game. 'Short Obby', it was called. But since, I am a idiot, I clicked on play.

The game started on a grey field. It almost looked, like the standard obby, you can choose in Studio. So, I finished it, and there was something in he chat.

"Good job."

"Now try a harder difficulty."

On the screen, Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme appeared. Hard and Extreme we're locked though. I clicked on Medium, and there we're some twists. It was a bit hard, and another stage was there. It wasn't that hard, until the last stage. I jumped, because there was the end. But the platform raised up.

"Not yet."

"There is something in the Easy mode, you forgot."

I sighed in real life, and clicked on Easy mode. Now, I almost wanted to scream, but there was no reason why. It was all red. The platforms, the sky, everything. I finished it.

"Good j0b."

"n0w try a h4rd3r d1ff1culty"

Easy mode was grey, and a bit destroyed???

So, I clicked on Medium, and it was different too. The platform was down again, and I could jump on it. "Phew," I said. "I hope there are better things than this..."

"Y0u learned the b4s1cs."

"But wh4t w0u7d h4pp3n 1f y0u w177 f477?"

Since I am learning to 'l33t' speak, I could hardly tell that it meant "But what would happen if you will fall?"

Easy mode was gone, Medium gray and a bit destroyed too, and Hard mode was unlocked, too. Another stage got added, and I was tired. I did it, and the last stage, was like wall jump or whatever it was.