((Who exactly is 666Happy666)) article by: DATBURGERDONUT

[Reminder: This is not a creepypasta but more of an insider for the creepypasta I made "How to summon a demon using Roblox". Read it 1st before you read this.]

So who is 666Happy666? He/she is the creator or the game Happiest Land. He/she is also the person that messaged me the ritual. If the you don't know the ritual, I'm talking about the one I describe in my creepypasta.

The reason why they are relevant is because the "Happiest Land." game is a main part in the ritual. I dont know what connection he/she has with anything though. They said they were gonna message me again. I dont know what for, but as soon as I get info, I will continue this article.

[Continued part] I just received the message 2 hours ago. I dont get it though. It has a first and last name, followed with 2 years, 1916 and 2016, and it has a - in between the numbers. Like this (1916-2016). And it has a PS sayin the following words "You survived. Farewell."